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Cordle back from the dead, Webster has a pain in the butt, and Cofield disrupts the running game

Deon Grant, right, shares a laugh with Corey

Deon Grant, right, shares a laugh with Corey Webster after a play as the Giants worked out at mini-camp at the Giants training facility. (June 15, 2010) Credit: Craig Ruttle

It was a hot one today and the Giants were in full pads. But Tom Coughlin said the weather had nothing to do with the team working on its goal line plays in walk-through format only. Instead, he said, it was just a decision based on the situation and how it is impossible to do goal line without going full speed (which he did not want to do). If the team is just going to thud, as Coughlin calls it, inevitably someone is going faster than someone else, and that’s how people get hurt.

Fair enough.

The Giants already have enough people hurt. Most of them on offense. In fact everyone who sat out today was wearing a white jersey: Kevin Boss, Kevin Boothe, Rich Seubert, Travis Beckum, Sinorice Moss, Steve Smith and Scott Chandler. Corey Webster did some stuff but was sidelined for most of the practice with a glut injury that Coughlin didn’t sound too concerned about.

One guy we were all concerned about was Jim Cordle. He’s the third-string center and in 11-on-11 plays he was dragged under by the tide and came away rolling on the ground like a demonstration for “stop, drop and roll.” The helped the poor guy off the field while he put no pressure on his left leg and examined his knee. Goner for sure. But soon enough he was back up to his feet and jogging back to the huddle. He was even participating with the team for the goal line walk-throughs on both offense and scout team defense. I’m glad he’s OK, but he lost a little credibility with his pain tolerance.

Hey, remember yesterday when we made a big deal about Kenny Phillips being on the field? Well, it happened again! Phillips was out there, taking two snaps per series as he did yesterday. This time he was tested, though, when Jim Sorgi threw a deep ball to Tim Brown down the left sideline and he had to get over there. He was a little late in doing so, but the Giants seemed to be pleased that he was able to read and react and at least be in the vicinity. He also had to move toward the sideline when Sorgi threw another deep ball down the right sideline, this time for Victor Cruz.

The team didn’t go full speed at the goal line, but they had some 9-on-7 plays with good thuds. Barry Cofield broke up two of the first four running plays with tackles at the line or in the backfield. Linval Joseph also had a nice tackle. And Gerris Wilkinson put a good pop on Gartrell Johnson. I don’t know why, but it seems like the defense is always popping Johnson. Maybe it’s because they are usually third-teamers looking to make an impression. Maybe there is some dissatisfaction with his performance in the conditioning drill last week. Either way, Johnson seems to be taking the worst beating of all the running backs and he always seems unable to keep his feet under him as well. On one play today Tommie Hill tagged him and he wound up hitting the ground.

A few good plays by receivers in one-on-one drills. Bear Pascoe made a nice catch over Michael Johnson on a seam route after being held at the line of scrimmage. Duke Calhoun made a jumping catch falling backwards over Antrel Rolle after beating Rolle off the line of scrimmage (surprising since Rolle came into the league as a corner). Tim Brown beat Corey Webster deep down the right sideline on a pass from Eli Manning; while jogging back from the play Webster gave Brown a compliment, saying “Good sh--, T!” And on the next snap Derek Hagan put a double move on Aaron Ross to get wide open and then hang onto a pass from Manning.

A few other notes: Mathias Kiwanuka continued working with the linebackers, jumping in with the third team for 7-on-7 drills … Bruce Johnson had really good coverage on a Hakeem Nicks hook route but dropped the interception … Jonathan Goff came through the line to stop Ahmad Bradshaw in 11s … Barden made a nice catch in stride down the right sideline, beating Bruce Johnson and Antrel Rolle on the play. It was similar to the play he should have made last night … Justin Tuck looked good batting down a pass from Manning while he was rolling to the right in 11-on-11 snaps from the 7 yard line … Hagan made a great turning touchdown catch with good coverage from Ross a play later, again from the 7.

Oh, and the most disconcerting comments from a coach today were from Kevin Gilbride who was yelling at Will Beatty on the goal line plays. Beatty was playing TE in a jumbo package next to the tackle. "Get your hat outside! Get your hat outside!" Gilbride yelled at him. "You can't keep making the same mistakes!"

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