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Corey Webster not 'going back for seconds' against receivers

Corey Webster CB 6-0, 200 LSU Originally recruited

Corey Webster
CB 6-0, 200 LSU
Originally recruited as a wide receiver, asked to switch to cornerback as a sophomore by LSU coach Nick Saban.
Credit: AP

Corey Webster makes no secret of how he’d like to play cornerback.

“If it’s up to me, I would always line up and try to test out the receivers and battle them, putting hands on them,” he said. “But it’s not my call.”

That may be how the Giants advance for the foreseeable future, with a more physical, in-your-face, at-the-line approach to covering receivers. Especially with the Giants’ pass rush forcing quarterbacks to throw quick passes, playing rough seems to be the way to go.

“In this last game that we played against Tampa Bay, we did a good job of putting our hands on them and I think that changed the timing between those quick routes between the quarterback and the receivers,” Webster said.

With replacement officials throwing the flags – or in many cases, not throwing them – it would seem that Webster and the Giants corners could take advantage of them by roughing up receivers beyond where the rules mandate.

“It’s not what we’re used to,” Webster said of the officiating. “People are getting away with a little more stuff. Some people complain about the DBs get to have their hands on a little longer and others complained about the receivers pushing off.”

But Webster also said he’s not bending the rules just because he can now.

“I haven’t tried it,” Webster said. “I only use what we’re taught to use and that’s we get our hands on the receiver within the first five yards of the down and try to dictate or change some of the timing. We’re not going back for seconds. We try to do everything in the legal way of things, so we don’t have to break any bad habits once we get our officials back.”


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