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Corey Webster on Wes Welker? Doesn't sound like it

For the past several weeks, the Giants have had Corey Webster locked up on the opposing team’s best receiver. This week, though, the opposing team’s best receiver isn’t a big-bodied burner but a shift little guy who plays from the slot. So will Webster be covering Wes Welker?

Maybe sometimes, but probably not like he has been against Brandon Marshall, Stevie Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald.

“He’s one of the best,” safety Kenny Phillips said of Welker. “He and Brady have a great chemistry. But you watch the Pittsburgh film and they did a good job of getting their hands on him. Whoever is covering him, whether it be (Aaron) Ross or Antrel (Rolle), I think we’ll have a pretty good matchup.”

Phillips did not mention Webster. Was that a slip-up by a forgetful player (after all, he couldn’t remember Rob Gronkowski’s name either)? Or was Phillips inadvertently telling the world that Webster won’t be on Welker?

“I think we’ll have to switch it up just a little bit, but I think we have the personnel to match up against them,” Phillips said of tweaking the usual gameplan to adjust for Welker. “I think we match up pretty well against them as far as our DBs and their receivers. We have to change it up a little bit, for the most part it will probably be the same.”

If it is Rolle covering Welker, the safety/nickelback said he is up for it.

“I handle anything and I’m up for all challenges,” Rolle said. “At the end of the day, may the best man win. But the game still has to be played on Sunday.”

Rolle, of course, set the tone for the week with his comments about Welker. He was asked what makes him so difficult to cover.

“I don’t know,” he said. “You have to ask those guys he’s giving trouble to. I don’t plan on having to answer those questions.”

Just as a side not to the drama: Reports from Foxborough indicate that Welker did not practice today. We'll get the full injury report from the Patriots later this afternoon.

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