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Corey Webster surprised to see no flags after tussle with Steve Smith

Corey Webster said he wasn’t surprised that there were no penalties after his on-the-ground tussle with receiver Steve Smith in the first quarter of last night’s game against the Panthers. “You’re caught up in the emotions when it’s going on,” he said, not giving much thought to flags or penalties.

It wasn’t until later in the game that Webster realized the absence of a penalty during that fight. That dawned on him when Prince Amukamara was penalized for a personal foul on the last play of the third quarter. Amukamara was pushed by Louis Murphy and shoved back, neither of them doing much more than what happens on virtually every other NFL snap, and was flagged.

“I was like ‘Man, they give you a flag for that and we were rolling on the ground for minutes and nothing happened?’” Webster chuckled after the game.

Webster’s showdown with Smith was impressive. They come together on an option run by Cam Newton that was stuffed by Justin Tuck and don’t let go. They spin around and Smith finally pulls Webster down on top of him. They’re still grappling when Smith rolls over on Webster. Still pushing, shoving, grabbing. Finally, Smith gets off of Webster and Webster gives him a bit of a kick in the, um, midsection to make sure he stays off.

Again, no flags.

“Those guys are doing a great job, the officials, the best that they can do,” Webster said of the replacement officials. “But well be happy when we get our group back.”

Webster was later diagnosed with a broken bone in his hand. He could not tell which play he broke it on, he said, but he did admit that it might have occurred during the skirmish with Smith.

“My hand started stinging,” Webster said. “I kept going a couple of plays and finally got it checked out. They were like ‘Lets go get it x-rayed’ … I don’t know if it was on a jam, I don’t know if it was a tackle … I can’t put a play on it, it just started stinging.”

Webster had the hand put in a hard cast and played the rest of the game with it. He said he’d never broken a bone in his body in his entire life and he wasn’t exactly sure which bone he broke because he’d stopped paying attention to the doctors while they were talking.

“I was ready to get back on the field so I wasn’t really listening,” he said.


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