Speculation here (and elsewhere) that the Giants' aggressive pursuit of Antrel Rolle was related to any setback or decreased optimism about the return of Kenny Phillips from major knee surgery was extinguished by Tom Coughlin. Or at least doused until we actually see what Phillips is capable of.

"The idea that this is associated with the Kenny Phillips situation is incorrect," Coughlin said. "We needed to answer some questions in terms of the safety position. This move puts in a position now where we feel this can be a really strong part of our team. We needed to really solidify and help the safety position based on last year’s experience. That’s the reason this objective was so important to us."

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And it sounds like instead of being a free safety and a strong safety, Rolle and Phillips will be dividing the field and playing both roles.

"They’re interchangeable," Coughlin said. "Both safeties will find themselves in the half (covering half the field), in the middle of the field, down at the line of scrimmage, being involved in covering the lost. Both safeties will be interchangeable in terms of their ability to be multi-functional. Both safeties will be involved in the pressure package."

And most importantly, both safeties will be Giants.

(Photo: Getty Images)