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Coughlin breaks down the math

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It all worked out in the end, but Tom Coughlin explained today why he decided to go for a two-point conversion when it didn’t seem exactly clear that he should have and why he decided not t o when it seemed like a better time to do so.

The Giants’ final touchdown made the score 28-16 before the extra point and a two-pointer there would have given the Giants a full two-touchdown lead. So why kick the single extra point and go ahead by 13?

“There was 3:32 left and they had no timeouts,” Coughlin said. “I was confident that … if they did drive and score, it would be two minutes or under and we would get the onside kick and kneel.”

Right, because if we’ve learned one thing these last nine months it’s that the Eagles are simply incapable of scoring two quick touchdowns at the end of the game against the Giants.

Those numbers wouldn’t have come into play had Coughlin not gone for and succeeded in getting a two-point conversion earlier in the fourth quarter. That touchdown – the one by Victor Cruz in which he jumped over Nnamdi Asomugha – gave the Giants a 20-16 lead. An extra point there would have made it a five-point game and put the onus on the Eagles to score a touchdown and make their own two-point conversion to go back ahead by a field goal. Instead, Coughlin beat them to the two-point punch and went ahead 22-16.

“You are up six so if they score, no matter if they go for two, you kick the field goal and you win,” he said.



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