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Coughlin likes facing 3-4 defenses in preseason, I'll let him explain why

Giants coach Tom Coughlin wants the leaders on

Giants coach Tom Coughlin wants the leaders on his team to step up after what he felt was a lethargic performance in Saturday's preseason game. (Aug. 28, 2010) Credit: AP

There were some interesting comments from Tom Coughlin today about the fact that the Giants are facing their fourth 3-4 defense this preseason. He said that it’s actually a good thing for the offense.

Caution: A lot of technical inside-football coming your way!

“Almost all of these teams will reduce and when they reduce it becomes a four man line and they all play some form of over as well so even though you’re looking at a 3-4, a lot of it is reduced until the weak side becomes an under-front,” Coughlin said. “Many, many of them have the diamond front where all three are covered inside and many of them play the over, which is a good thing…

“The one thing that the 3-4 teams bring to the table, because of the multiple linebacker approach, is the versatility that they have with their sub-packages and the multiple personnel arrangements that they can put forth on the field, which causes you an awful lot of preparation and a lot of thought process goes into your protections, and it couldn’t be better. It couldn’t be better for us, because the more difficult it is right now the better it is.”

Of course the next question may be that if the 3-4 is so difficult to play against, why don't the Giants employ it as their own defense? That has more to do with philosophy and personnel. Let's not get any deeper than we already are.

Coughlin was also grateful to the Ravens for going no-huddle against them last week.

“I think that because Baltimore played us in the no-huddle the other night, they did us a favor,” he said. “That’s a good thing. That was a good thing for us.”

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