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Coughlin on Albany: Plenty of fans, not enough time

New York Giants head football coach Tom Coughlin

New York Giants head football coach Tom Coughlin talks with his team inside the SEFCU Arena on the University at Albany campus during NFL football training camp in Albany, N.Y. (Aug. 1, 2012) Credit: Hans Pennink

Tom Coughlin may not like the lack of an indoor facility at Albany, but he digs most of the other stuff. Yesterday, just prior to his departure, he spoke about his favorite part of training camp in the capital region: the fans.

“The thing that I want to say is I think the fans here have been fabulous,” Coughlin said. “Obviously we’re coming off a Super Bowl win so you’d be inclined to think that might be the case, but to have 5,000 people at a Sunday afternoon practice here, I just think they’ve been great. I wish that I personally could have accommodated more of them but the present schedule that we’re on …

“Even at night, there’s a bunch of people here at night (for the walk-throughs),” he said. “They’re not supposed to be watching the jog-through but they’re around. Afterwards, it’s like ‘Sign! Sign! Sign!’ I have a meeting in about five minutes when I finish the jog-throughs. But they’ve been terrific and that’s been a real plus.”

A total of 37,684 fans came to watch the Giants in Albany (not counting those unofficial evening sightseers).

Naturally, Coughlin did have one complaint about the training camp, one he called a “traditional answer.”

“Not enough,” he said. “I would always say that … You get into it and you really, really do look forward to the (routine of) OK, next day, and trying to get better, especially when you play a game. When you have all these objectives ahead of you and then all of a sudden you look down and you tell your team, ‘You know what? We’re on our 14th or 15th practice.’ Fourteenth or 15th practice? We’re not even scratching the surface. We’ve got so much more to go and so much more work to do. So that’s my opinion of it.”

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