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Coughlin on Philbin news: The room went absolutely silent

Tom Coughlin relayed condolences to Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin and his family on the loss of his 21-year-old son this week.

“First things first, our heart goes out to the Philbin family,” Coughlin said. “When we first heard this the other night, the whole coaching staff, the room went absolutely silent. Many guys know Joe Philbin. You have tremendous empathy but you can’t have anywhere near the feeling that his family is going through. Just tragic. The sympathy of the Giants organization goes out to the Philbin family.”

But, this is a playoff game. And it is important. So there are football questions to be asked. Coughlin said he does not expect any changes from the Packers with Philbin’s anticipated absence.

“The offense will remain the same,” Coughlin said. “That’s Mike McCarthy.”

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