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Coughlin still miffed by muffs

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin watches his team

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin watches his team in the rain during training camp. (July 28, 2012) Credit: Hans Pennink

Tom Coughlin is still steaming about the muffed punts in Friday’s game against the Jaguars. The one that grates him particularly seems to be the misplay by Jayron Hosley late in the first half that led to a Jaguars touchdown.

“I think that’s all great,” Coughlin said of the practice drills today, “but the truth of the matter is, it’s 24-7 and there’s 41 seconds left. He’s just a young kid. He’ll learn. It’s a hard way to learn. Just let it go. I don’t care. Don’t do what you did. We have to go the length of the field with 41 seconds, we’re ahead 24-7, we’ll end the half right now. It’s not that complicated.”

The Giants put some extra pressure on their punt returners with gunners today to improve their concentration. Some did well with it. Jerrel Jernigan, though, muffed another. He was one of the offenders late in Jacksonville’s comeback on Friday.

“We have about five guys and they’re going to keep grinding away,” Coughlin said. “They did alright today.”

Although he hasn’t had an opportunity to return punts in a preseason game yet, Coughlin said if he had to replay the situation late in the second quarter he would probably have put Rueben Randle back there as a returner and not Hosley.

“You see him catch it, there isn’t any question what you would do,” Coughlin said. “Let’s say you had two or three of them and it was that situation in the game at the half, obviously you forgo and you don’t care about the return. The guy goes out and catches the ball securely. That would be the way you would go. It’s a nice situation to be able to talk about after you do it right rather than the way it happened.”

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