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Coughlin uncertain about Sorgi's injury

Giants quarterback Jim Sorgi throws a pass during

Giants quarterback Jim Sorgi throws a pass during the second quarter of Monday's preseason game against the Jets. (Aug. 16, 2010) Credit: AP

Jim Sorgi’s agent said that an MRI revealed that the backup quarterback has a torn capsule in his throwing shoulder and will be out two to three weeks. Tom Coughlin would not confirm that.

“He’s got some damage to his shoulder and we’ll see,” Coughlin said after today’s practice. “Evidently they did announce a timeframe, but you can read about that. I guess someone has already stated that. I don’t know how long exactly it’s going to be. I know there is damage to the shoulder.”

Coughlin did confirm that this new injury is not connected to the torn labrum that forced Sorgi onto injured reserve last season and gave the Giants pause before signing him in the offseason. But he could not say whether Sorgi will avoid surgery or some other procedure. Right now, Coughlin said, “he needs rest and rehab.”

Coughlin also said that the Giants could explore bringing in another veteran quarterback as a backup. That will probably have a little to do with Sorgi’s prognosis and a lot to do with how Rhett Bomar plays on Saturday.

“We were comfortable enough in the offseason,” Coughlin said of the backup situation. “We had Rhett, we had Jim, we were fine. Jim’s been a backup in this league for a lot of years, so I didn’t have any issue with that. Depending on how serious this shoulder injury is, we’ll have to do some thinking about that.

“We’ll see,” he added. “We’ll have to talk to Dr. Warren and see how serious this thing is. I’m waiting to hear about that.”

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