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Coughlin uses Rolle hit to show DBs what they're not allowed to do

Antrel Rolle said he didn't know what he could have done differently when he drilled "defenseless" receiver Mark Clayton on Saturday night. Tom Coughlin managed to brainstorm a few ideas.

"That is the emphasis, for sure, in terms of the safety issue," Coughlin said. "The defenseless receiver really can’t be hit in the head. It can’t be done with the helmet, it can’t be done with the shoulder, and it can’t be done with a forearm. You really have to come in below the head. It’s a very difficult play for the people in the secondary because you’re running to the ball. They don’t always get a chance to come to balance, or whatever, and sometimes collisions just happen.

"That’s the emphasis, that’s the rule, so it happened," Coughlin said of Rolle's play. "Well, we can teach off of it. Once Antrel looked at it and understands the rule, as tough as it is, he understands that it’s going to be called."

Incidentally, Rolle called Clayton on Sunday to talk about the hit, though it's unclear if he apologized.

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