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Coughlin vs. Shanahan: Both ringers

Here's something I found interesting when thinking about the upcoming Giants-Redskins game last night:

This will be only the second time since he won his ring that Tom Coughlin's team will be playing against a team coached by another Super Bowl-winning head coach.

Coughlin and Redskins coach Mike Shanahan obviously won Super Bowl titles. But who is the other?

In 2008 the Giants played the Seahawks coached by Mike Holmgren, who had won his title with the Packers.

Incidentally in the last two years the Giants have faced the eventual Super Bowl-winning team and coach. In 2008 they beat the Steelers and Mike Tomlin. Last year they lost to the Saints and Sean Payton.

Of course the Giants play the Patriots every year in the preseason, so Coughlin has faced Bill Belichick many many times. Thrice, in fact, since Belichick walked off the field with two seconds remaining in Super Bowl XLII.

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