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Criticism beginning to annoy, frustrate Jacobs

Running back Brandon Jacobs of the New York

Running back Brandon Jacobs of the New York Giants points to the crowd during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Photo Credit: Getty Images

What's expected of Brandon Jacobs is about as clear as what's expected of a wrecking ball. So when Jacobs tries to do more than just barrel into the line of scrimmage and push piles 4 or 5 yards at a clip, it can frustrate fans and onlookers. And that is beginning to frustrate Jacobs.

"I get the ball, I get in there, I'm supposed to run smack dead into somebody and I get criticized if I don't do that," Jacobs said Monday in an interview with Brandon Tierney on 1050 ESPN Radio.

"Right now, my stats aren't very good, and people want to know why. Well, that's why. I have the ability to make plays with my feet, but when I try to, it's the worst thing, I'm scum of the Earth when I do that. So I go ahead and do what I can do."

Jacobs has gained 355 yards on 100 carries this season and had 67 yards on 21 carries against the Raiders. That's on pace for his third straight 1,000-yard season, but his yards-per-carry average this season (3.6) is about a yard and a half shy of what he averaged the previous two.

"I'm just being patient and trying not to get frustrated," Jacobs said. "Frustration is very close up on me, I'm going to be honest."

He is being criticized by some for being patient and waiting for holes to open, but there are others who believe he isn't patient enough. And the comparisons with Ahmad Bradshaw (375 yards on 58 carries) certainly aren't helping with Jacobs' identity crisis.

"Ahmad is more, he can bounce around in those little creaks and cracks that he gets and make a lot of big plays," Jacobs said. "Do I have the ability to do that? Yes. But if I try to, I'm wrong. If I try to make plays like that, because I'm 265, 275 pounds, I'm not supposed to be doing that. Hit it up in there, go in and hit somebody, that's what people want to see me do. If I don't do it, I get criticized. If I do do it, I get criticized. I can't win."

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