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Good Morning

Cruz's baby was in good hands

Victor Cruz didn't lose any sleep Wednesday night - not over the big game against the Packers and not over fatherhood.

"She didn't cry too much, so I got a solid eight hours," he said of his first night after the arrival home of his now 3-day-old baby girl, Kennedy. "It looks like she's going to be a good kid so far."

It was another strange day of stardom for the Giants wide receiver, who noted how much his life has changed, in every way.

"Definitely a year ago I wouldn't have even thought my baby would be a topic of interest [to the public], let alone I didn't even know I'd have a baby a year ago," he said. "It's just been a blessing, man. It's been such a great ride for me."

Cruz said he was in the delivery room with his girlfriend, Elaina Watley, "trying not to look. But I had to peek down a few times."

Were the delivery room attendants as sure-handed as him?

"They had to be," he said. "I made sure of that. Plus I was underneath just making sure she had a sure catch."

Cruz said the big change in his personal life would not distract him from his job.

"Either way I was fully locked in," he said. "I wasn’t going to let something like that impede my progress on the field… I understood it was a time to separate football from life."

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