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Cruz: 'The sky's the limit' for Giants offense

Victor Cruz #80 of the New York Giants

Victor Cruz #80 of the New York Giants Credit: Victor Cruz #80 of the New York Giants (Getty Images)

Pierre Garcon said this week that the Redskins’ offense can be the best ever.

“He’s supposed to say that,” Victor Cruz chuckled. “It’s his team. If he doesn’t say that, he wouldn’t be a Redskin. He wouldn’t be a good teammate.”

So how good of a teammate is Cruz? More to the point, how good can the Giants’ offense be?

“I think we can definitely do some big things,” Cruz said. “I think we have all the talent in place, the tools. It's just a matter of us coming together as a team, as a family. If we can do that, the sky is the limit for us. We have to treat these camp days as one at a time and really get better in those moments, in these times on the field before we face an opponent. But I think the upside of this team is tremendous.”

The Giants should have both Cruz and Hakeem Nicks healthy and Eli Manning playing a season in which he says he feels he has “something to prove.” That sounds like a pretty good recipe for offensive firepower.

“From what he has told me he is 100 percent ready to go,” Manning said of Nicks. “That is what we are expecting and that is where we need him to be … Hakeem is a big part, he is a playmaker. He can stretch the field, he breaks tackles, a guy who has got to get the ball in his hands, he makes big plays happen. To have him full-go, full-speed and healthy and confident that he’s healthy will make a big difference in our passing attack. Just looking at some of the numbers, our big plays were way down last year. I think a big part of that is not having Hakeem in the mix and having him make some of those big plays for us.”

Manning had limited time with Nicks this offseason while the receiver skipped the voluntary OTAs. And he hasn’t thrown to Cruz since the end of the 2012 season (the two couldn’t find time in their schedules to get together since Cruz signed his extension after minicamp). But Manning said that shouldn’t be a problem.

“I expect that first day, we should be coming out here and getting completions, and guys getting open, and being on the same page,” Manning said. “Especially with the veteran guys who have been here a number of years like Victor and Hakeem.”

Cruz, too, is looking forward to having a healthy Nicks opposite (or sometimes beside) him on the field.

“It can make all the difference,” Cruz said. “Hakeem is a special player, and when he's healthy and all of us are out there on the same accord we're a tough team to beat. If he's out there healthy and everyone is clicking, everyone is on the same page, I think it's going to be beneficial to the success of our team.”

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