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Cullen Jenkins has something to prove against his former Packers teammates

Cullen Jenkins looks on during the second

Cullen Jenkins looks on during the second quarter of a preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Aug. 10, 2013) Credit: AP

Cullen Jenkins said one thing, but he clearly meant something else.

When he was asked if the upcoming game against the Packers meant something more to him as a former cheesehead who won a Super Bowl with that team, he said: "No." But he also nodded his head yes with a big smile.

"Seven years with a team, that's a long time," Jenkins said. "It'll be the first time playing them since I left. It'll be a little different for me."

It may be the first time playing the Packers, but it's the third time he's playing a former team this season. He's already faced the Eagles twice. He played there the previous two seasons and admitted that he probably had more to prove to the good people of Philadelphia than he does this week against the Packers.

"Green Bay was more complicated," he said of the parting after the 2010 season. "I was a free agent, we were coming off the Super Bowl, it was the lockout, they had younger linemen that they wanted to [take a] chance on and go that route. That's a little different. Philly, you're actually under contract there and getting cut. We don't want you anymore, basically. It was a little bit different in the way it played out."

Jenkins said there will be less "animosity" against the Packers but still plenty to drive him.

"Anytime you play against a team that maybe you feel like they kind of looked past you, thought that they could replace you or moved on or whatever the reason is, you have a little feeling in you where you want to prove them wrong and show them that you still got it," he said. "What better way to do it than if you're playing against them?"

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