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Curtis Painter on the Manning brothers: 'They're very similar'

Giants quarterbacks Eli Manning, Curtis Painter and rookie

Giants quarterbacks Eli Manning, Curtis Painter and rookie Ryan Nassib stretch during organized team activities. (May 22, 2013) Credit: AP

Curtis Painter is only the second quarterback in NFL history to be a teammate of both Peyton and Eli Manning (Jared Lorenzen spent a preseason with the Colts in 2008). Painter spent three seasons with the Colts and was signed by the Giants early this offseason. So who better to talk about the brothers?

“They’re very similar,” Painter said. “Their football knowledge is so special to be around, just hearing them talk about different things and what they see is really neat to be around. It’s a great opportunity for me to be able to learn from those guys. Just sitting in meetings with them you can tell they’re extremely bright in their football sense. It was a good opportunity with Peyton, it’s a great opportunity with Eli as well.

“One thing I noticed about Peyton was, if you saw him in the weight room or you saw him working out with receivers, you didn’t know if it was midseason or the first week of the offseason. He approaches his football and his game 100 percent every time he’s doing it. There’s no side-stepping anything. From what I’ve seen in Eli, it’s very similar. He works out hard, practices hard, he’s always focused out there and in meetings. I’m sure they have very similar personalities.”

Painter is the forgotten man in the Giants' quarterback battle this camp. While most are focusing on whether the Giants will keep two or three at the position and how that will affect David Carr and Ryan Nassib, few people expect Painter to be around past the preseason.

“I look at it as, everywhere you go, there’s going to be a handful of quarterbacks, some that you have to beat out or some that beat you out, whatever the case is,” Painter said. “So I really don’t worry about those outside factors. I know people might think it’s hard to look past it, but I really don’t pay any attention to it. We’re glad to have [Nassib], he’s a great player. I think he makes our quarterback room better. That’s how I look at it.”

And if Painter does get cut, then the number of quarterbacks to actually be on a 53-man roster with both Peyton and Eli Manning will remain where it is now: at zero.

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