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Giants GM Dave Gettleman says team will 'very seriously entertain' trade offers for No. 4 pick

Giants general manager Dave Gettleman speaks to the

Giants general manager Dave Gettleman speaks to the media on Dec. 31, 2019. Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

Dave Gettleman said on Friday that he will “very seriously entertain” trade offers for the fourth overall selection in next week’s NFL Draft.

Considering he has never traded back in any round of any of the seven previous drafts he has overseen as a general manager, that’s saying something.

When he spoke at the NFL Scouting Combine in February, he declared the Giants to be “open for business.” Now all he has to do is find someone who wants to trade up. That might be the hardest part of the whole proposition.

The Giants would be glad to pick up additional assets and maybe even get a player they were targeting at No. 4 a bit later in the round. That likely would mean trading that fourth pick to any team that wants to jump ahead of the Dolphins at No. 5 and the Chargers at No. 6 to grab a quarterback such as Tua Tagovailova or Justin Herbert.

Given the question marks surrounding both players, that could be difficult to find. The Giants also are going to be competing in that market with the Lions, who hold the third overall pick and also have announced a willingness to move down.

Gettleman would not discuss how much interest other teams have expressed in trading with the Giants.

“We’re still a week out,” he said. “We’ll see what happens.”

If anything does happen, it almost certainly will occur before the Giants are on the clock on Thursday night. Because of the logistics involved in communicating trade options both within the organization and between them, it will be nearly impossible to conceive and execute a trade during the time when one of the participants is making its selection.

“I’m going to make calls and anybody that wants to move up, I’m going to say, ‘Listen, we don’t have much time, we can’t fool around, and I’d like to get the parameters of deals in place, of the deal in place before we get on the clock,’ ” Gettleman said.

“I think what it’s going to force everybody to do is do deals before their pick is up . . . They’ll make a deal off the clock, and then if the guy is there for the team that wants to move up, then they’ll consummate the trade. So I think a lot of it’s going to be done ahead of time.”

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