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Dave Merritt will cover for some of Steve Spagnuolo’s defensive duties

Steve Spagnuolo addressed the media after practice on

Steve Spagnuolo addressed the media after practice on Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017, for the first time as the Giants' interim head coach.  Credit: Newsday / Tom Rock

Steve Spagnuolo is the Giants’ interim head coach, but he’s also still the defensive coordinator. He plans to remain “heavily involved” on that side of the line of scrimmage. There will, however, be some concessions.

“Obviously, with some new duties here, I’ll be in and out of there,” he said of the defensive meeting room. “So when I’m not there and somebody has to cover, Dave Merritt will do that.”

Merritt, one of the longest-tenured coaches on the Giants staff, has been the safeties coach for the past 11 years. He may wind up as the defensive play-caller on Sunday against the Cowboys. That decision has not yet been made, Spagnuolo said. Nor did he seem too concerned about it.

“We’ll worry about calling the game on Sunday when we get to Sunday,” he said. “We’ll figure that out as we go . . . We’ll figure out something for us.”

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