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Former Giants QB David Carr says Eli Manning would be better off with Jaguars

Giants backup quarterback David Carr, left, and quarterback

Giants backup quarterback David Carr, left, and quarterback Eli Manning go over plays on the sidelines during a game against the Falcons on Nov. 22, 2009 at Giants Stadium. Credit: Joe Rogate/photo by Joe Rogate

David Carr was by Eli Manning’s side the last time he won a Super Bowl. Now Carr thinks that both the Giants and Manning would be better off apart.

Appearing on “Total Access” Monday, the NFL Network analyst said that Manning should agree to be dealt to the Jaguars.

“I’m probably going to say what Eli won’t say and that he doesn’t need to be the quarterback of the New York Giants any longer,” Carr said. “I think it’s not beneficial for either side. I think Eli would be better off in Jacksonville. If we’re going to talk about does Jacksonville need to trade for a quarterback, there is a perfect one sitting up in New York that would be fantastic to come down there and help Tom Coughlin figure out what’s going on there.”

Carr knows a thing or two about Manning. He also knows a thing or two about being a quarterback who gets the stuffing beat out of him. With Manning already closing in on a career high in sacks — not on pace for, but actually closing in on his career high of 38, having been taken down 31 times through just eight games — Carr said he wants Manning as far away from the Giants’ protection as possible.

“He doesn’t need to stand behind this offensive line anymore,” Carr said. “He’s never been a guy that can get out of the way and make something happen, to go above the X’s and O’s in that regard. He’s just a sitting duck back there. He’s getting hit too much. If you have another guy that you want to see go in there and go play, great.”

Carr made it clear that by staying with the Giants, Manning makes himself a target for more than just defenders.  

“It’s not just the quarterback, it’s not Eli, but at this time where you’re at right now, I don’t want to see him back there anymore because it’s not beneficial for anybody,” he said. “Because all it is, is he’s going out there and he’s just a target and it’s easy for the New York media to pick on him and it’s easy for them to pick and say it’s all Eli’s fault when it’s not.”

Few people say that. Most are aware that the Giants are a flawed team that was built on giving Manning at least one more shot to contend for a title in New York. That shot has passed with this year’s 1-7 record.

Carr just wants Manning to get another opportunity elsewhere.

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