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David "Crazy Face" Baas has been called worse

A fall pumpkin is left looking sad and

A fall pumpkin is left looking sad and confused during the October snowfall at the Clark Gardens Botanical Park in Albertson. (Oct. 29, 2011) Credit: Steven Sunshine

Speaking of nicknames, Frank Gore said something interesting about former 49ers teammate and current Giants center David Baas on Wednesday.

"He has a crazy-looking face," Gore said on the conference call.

Naturally, that required a follow-up with Baas.

He said he'd heard about it. in fact, he said he heard about it for about six years when the two were teammates after coming into the league in th esame draft. Baas said that Gore actually used to call him worse than that. For a while he went by the name "Pumpkin" or "Pumpkinhead" because of his big round noggin.

Baas said he didn't have a nickname for Gore. But it was pointed out to Baas that Gore is, well, not the most handsome man alive.

"Maybe that's why we got along so well," he said.

By the way, in football news, Gore said he planned on practicing today even though he was limited yesterday with an ankle sprain and Baas was limited today for the second straight practice coming off a knee injury. Both appear on track to play Sunday.

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