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David Tyree says his opinion about gays has evolved

Former Giants football player David Tyree talks with

Former Giants football player David Tyree talks with reporters about his views against the same-sex marriage bill at the Capitol in Albany, N.Y. on Monday, June 20, 2011. Credit: AP / Hans Pennink

New Giants director of player development David Tyree said that his opinions on homosexuality have evolved from comments he made in 2011 and that he would "absolutely support any player on the Giants who identified as gay" in an interview with gay former NFL player and director of the You Can Play project Wade Davis that was published on Sports Illustrated's

Tyree and the Giants came under fire this week because in 2011 Tyree said that gay marriage would lead to "anarchy" and suggested that homosexuality is a choice.

"My interactions with Wade over the past few months are much more representative of my current beliefs toward the gay community than some tweets from several years ago," Tyree is quoted as saying. "Christianity teaches us love, compassion, and respect for our fellow man, and it is in that light that I will continue to work with Wade and others to better serve the gay community.

"I would absolutely support any player on the Giants who identified as gay, in any way I could. And I will continue to stay in touch with Wade to ensure I am aware of the right ways to do that."

In the essay Davis writes:

"Let me be very clear: I am not defending the hurtful things David said in the past. Nor am I saying his journey is complete. I am strongly defending his right, his ability, and most importantly his apparent willingness to grow as a person. And I will be working closely with him to help him along on this journey. I am hopeful that the outcome will be a positive one."

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