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David Wilson 'surprised by the whole experience' on Friday

David Wilson leaps over Henry Hynoski to pick

David Wilson leaps over Henry Hynoski to pick up extra yardage in the first quarter. (Aug. 24, 2012) Credit: David Pokress

No one knew what would happen when David Wilson got his chance to play with the starters on Friday night against the Bears, least of all David Wilson himself.

“I was surprised by the whole experience,” the rookie running back who made a big splash said. “Like I said, I didn’t know what to expect. To go in there and be productive, that is what I wanted to do.”

Wilson was more than simply productive. He was electrifying, with runs of 20 and 15 yards and a reception for 19 yards on three consecutive snaps.

Wilson’s game was not without flaw. On a pass route in the first drive he ran the wrong way and Eli Manning hit him but he was tackled for a loss.

“The physical part I was pleased with my performance,” he said. “Mental parts, steps, just steps, coach said these are not the right steps on these plays. I mean it’s details. You want to go out there and execute everything accurately.”

Wilson said earlier this summer that every year he comes up with a list of goals for the upcoming season. We’re just a little over a week away from the opener. Has he completed his list?

“Not yet,” he said. “Every time I think I am ready to make it, I hold back. But I definitely will have it before Dallas week. It will be sitting in my locker. Wherever my locker is, it will be in there.”

Good. Otherwise how would we know what to expect?

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