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Depressed Tiki: 'I started to shrivel'

It probably won't elicit many tears from Giants fans -- or Giants players, for that matter -- but in the June episode of HBO's "Real Sports" Tikie Barber talks about suffering from depression when his career as a journalist flopped and how he needs football back in his life now more than ever.

"I remember there were days where I would literally wake up, have coffee, get something to eat and sit on the couch and do nothing for 10 hours," he said in the report. "I started to shrivel. I didn't have that confidence. I didn't have that aura anymore."

Barber is trying to come back to the NFL in the 2011 season and has spent the past four months working out. He said -- and these are the poetic words of the Associated Press here -- that football represents a necessary anchor in a life turned upside down by the depressive aftermath of scandalous divorce and disintegration of his television career.

"The game never needs you because there's always someone else to come and take your place," Barber said. "But right now, I need the game."

"I need to prove to myself that I can be successful at something," he says. "I know I'm going to be successful as a football player. I don't know why. The odds say 'No.' I'm 36 and I haven't played in four years. But I just know."

The episode of "Real Sports" premieres on Tuesday.

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