DeSean Jackson trained during the offseason with Odell Beckham Jr. He called the Giants receiver “a little brother” and insisted they are close friends.

He’s also a teammate of Josh Norman in Washington.

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So how does Jackson navigate those two relationships this week with the two players headed for what the NFL’s version of Ali-Frazier II?

“Their relationship is kind of rocky,” he said on a conference call on Wednesday. “I try to stay out of it.”

Jackson knows that with or without his involvement, though, there is bound to be friction between the two on Sunday. Not only did their play turn ugly when they faced each other in December when Norman was with the Panthers, but they exchanged pointed jabs and even veiled threats at each other through an offseason worth of magazine interviews and book excerpts. Beckham suggested that Norman signed with Washington only so he could face him twice and remain relevant. Norman said he’d been told by other players around the NFL that there is “a hit” out on Beckham. Et cetera, et cetera.

“He and Josh have their own hatred toward each other,” Jackson said. “I hope everything is clean and they keep it on the field.”