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Diagnosis cloudy on Rolando McClain

One other thing to note about Rolando McClain is the Crohn’s disease issue, which took a strange twist this week. While McClain has said he has the condition, reports surfaced recently that he does not and it’s actually his mother who has Crohn’s disease.

Well, even if it isn’t Crohn’s disease, McClain certainly has some condition. Jere Adcock, his high school coach at Decatur H.S., recalled that.

“I knew he had a stomach problem where he had to take medication and there were times where he would really hurt and be really sick,” Adcock told me. “We knew that. But it wasn’t something that he talked about. He’s a very private young man. He doesn’t just come out there and say ‘Hey coach, I can’t do this because I have this problem.’ He was never looking for an excuse. He just kind of kept that to himself.”

McClain spoke about having Crohn’s at his pro day and said he thought most people already knew about it. He said he’d had the condition since high school. In an interview with Sirius NFL Radio a few weeks ago, he spoke openly about having Crohn’s disease.

“Crohn’s does have its day,” McClain said. “Some days I just don’t have it. The thing about Crohn’s with me is the stamina aspect of it. Sometimes you see your body get a little more tired than other days. But when you have a strong heart, that’s what really matters. You can fight through anything.”

Adcock did say that he never knew that McClain had Crohn’s disease and said he does not ever remember seeing that term on any physical form or other paperwork regarding McClain. That certainly adds to the intrigue over this week's story about him NOT haveing Crohn's. But Adcock chalked that up to McClain’s very private personality.

“It could have been that he just kind of kept that to himself,” Adcock reiterated.

But did the condition, whatever it is or was, ever keep McClain off the field?

“No,” Adcock said. “Never.”

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