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Did the Giants actually "win" the coin toss?

Bart seeks advice from NFL Hall of Famer

Bart seeks advice from NFL Hall of Famer Joe Namath, who makes a guest voice appearance as himself, in "The Simpsons" in 1997. Photo Credit: FOX Photo

I'm sure John Mara thinks they did and thereby were given the opportunity to play the first regular season game in the new stadium. But not everyone thinks that's a victory.

Terrell Thomas, the Giants cornerback, wrote on his Twitter page expressing some reservations. It sounds very much like he would have rather played the second game in the stadium and had it be the first one on a national stage. Here's what he wrote last night:

"Jus gettin on this coin flip bs- we play da 1st game but they get mnf- I feel like we lost #NYG tell me wat u think????"

Interesting perspective. Two things jump out at me. First, it tells me that the players really do enjoy playing in prime time games on Sunday or Monday nights. There's always stories about how special those games are when they come around and I've always been skeptical on how genuine the player quotes were. But Thomas' remarks here make it pretty clear that the players do in fact love them (while writers, generally, loathe them for deadline purposes).

The second thing is how differently players and management look at the same situation. The Giants and the Jets went into a $1.6 billion venture together (and lately I've been reading $1.7 billion, but what's a $100 million here or there) knowing that only one team could possibly open the stadium. It was clearly a big deal for both sides to get that first game. For several years they've been working together, all those smart, successful business minds. And it isn't until NOW that they come up with a plan to decide who gets the honor (and can't even agree on it after the fact)? It reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Bart, Milhouse and Martin pool their money to buy the original issue of Radioactive Man only to later realize that only one of them can actually take it home.

Martin: How about this, guys? Bart can have it Mondays and Thursdays, Milhouse will get it Tuesdays and Fridays, and yours truly will take it Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Bart: Perfect!

Milhouse: Wait a minute! What about Sundays?

Bart: Yeah, what about Sundays?

Martin: Well, Sunday possession will be determined by a random number generator. I will take the digits 1 through 3, Milhouse will have 4 through 6, and Bart will have 7 through 9.

Bart: Perfect!

Milhouse: Wait a minute! What about 0?

Bart: Yeah, what about 0?

Martin: Well, in the unlikely event of a 0, possession will be determined by rock scissors paper competition, best 3 out of 5, how's that?

The players? It sounds like they couldn't care less about who opens the stadium or who gets the comic book.

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