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Good Morning

Diehl back on field, Blackmon answering call of the stork?

David Diehl suffered a partially torn hamstring and

David Diehl suffered a partially torn hamstring and another muscular injury in his hip on Sunday, sources said. (Sept. 12, 2010) Credit: David Pokress

David Diehl was back at practice today after missing yesterday's due to illness. That means that the Giants will have their regular five offensive linemen going into a Green Bay game that will likely be determined by which team controls the line of scrimmage, run game vs. run game.

The only two Giants players on the roster who were not working today were Dave Tollefson, who suffered a sprained MCL on Sunday, and Will Blackmon. While it hasn't been confirmed, we suspect that Blackmon has gone to California for the birth of his son. He'd been waiting for the call for a few weeks. Even before the Giants signed him, Blackmon told Tom Coughlin that if he was to become a Giant that he would have to drop everything and leave when he got word about the birth.

The Giants were practicing indoors today as Tom Coughlin prefers a sharp practice in clean environments to a sloppy practice in sloppy conditions, even though the sloppy conditions might better imitate what it will be like on Sunday. They did leave the barn doors open to the fieldhouse, though, just to let a little chill into the building.

Lambeau may have the Frozen Tundra. The Giants have the seasonably-cold fieldhouse.

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