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Good Morning

Dodge gives Tynes a hand in practice

Lawrence Tynes tried to kick an extra point in practice today, but he wound up hitting more than he bargained for. The ball went flying off to the side and never even reached the back of the end zone because holder Matt Dodge got his hand in the way of the kick.

Dodge holds the ball with his left hand. After catching it with his right hand on top, he puts it down and is supposed to yank his right hand out of the way. This time, though, his right hand made a slow exit and Tynes wound up kicking his hand as well as the football.

Tynes said he thought he might have broken Dodge's hand. And Dodge was certainly flexing his fingers after the play. But he stayed in and held the next few kicks by Tynes. I saw Dodge in the locker room and he didn't seem to have any kind of injury to the hand.

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