Giants cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie walks off the field during training...

Giants cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie walks off the field during training camp on Aug. 12, 2014. Credit: Joe Epstein

When the Giants face the Lions on Monday night and middle linebacker Jon Beason calls together the defensive huddle, he'll be staring into the eyes of nine teammates. One of them will be missing. That absentee player will be Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

DRC is a DNH player, and in this case, that stands for "Does Not Huddle." Rather than come together with the rest of the unit to get the call, the veteran cornerback said he prefers to stay in his quadrant of the defense. He did that throughout the preseason and will continue to eschew the huddles in the regular season.

"I stand off," he said Thursday when asked about his anti-social behavior. "I've always been like that. I get to my side and get out so I can see the offensive play, see it break. When you get in the huddle, sometimes I'll be late. I'd rather just get out there and get the call and be ready to play."

He gets the call from the safety -- this year it will be Antrel Rolle -- through hand signals. He'll then relay the pre-snap information he was able to gather back to Rolle and others on the defense.

"We signal back and forth or I'll signal Prince [Amukamara] on the other side and tell him to get up or get off," Rodgers-Cromartie said. "Or he'll do the same to me."

Rodgers-Cromartie said he's never had a coach insist that he attend the between-play meetings on the field. Most of the time his assignment is simple: Cover the receiver in front of him. That's especially the case when the Giants play the Lions in the opener; he and Amukamara will be playing right and left and not shadowing any particular receivers.

So while the defensive call is being made, Rodgers-Cromartie waits. And watches. And learns.

"I can see what formation it is, how they're going to get into whatever it is they're going to run versus sometimes you get the call late and you're running out and rushing yourself," he said. "I just want to be comfortable."

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