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Eli gives Giants offense more than passing grade

Offense: A

There weren't as many yards as in recent games, but the Giants had zero turnovers in Monday night's 45-12 victory in Washington, and scored five touchdowns and punted only twice. Eli Manning continued his excellent season and now has a career-high 26 touchdown passes. In each of the last two games, he's thrown three TDs without a pick and Monday his passer rating was 144.4. They were able to run the ball with two backups on the offensive line and countered the aggressive Redskins pass rush by using screen passes and quick hot routes. And in a game in which Bear Pascoe caught the first pass and Derek Hagan caught a touchdown, it's fair to say that everyone got a chance.

Defense: B-plus

Terrell Thomas was a wrecking ball at cornerback, blowing up runs and screens and even grabbing an interception for a touchdown. In a secondary that had been burned in recent weeks and was without its two best cover guys, the Giants relied on discipline and intelligence and made smart plays all night. The pass rush also was ferocious, starting with Justin Tuck's sack in the first series. Jonathan Goff's sack was perfect timing. And the play before, Osi Umenyiora sent Jason Campbell to the sideline with a sore shoulder, it was Mathias Kiwanuka who flattened him just after he released the ball. The Redskins' third-down efficiency (5-for-12) and a handful of long plays wipe out the A.

Special teams: A

The Giants stopped their "mortar" kickoffs and actually tried to push the Redskins back into their own territory. And it worked. Three times the Redskins were stopped inside the 20. Chase Blackburn and D.J. Johnson each had two tackles on special teams. The Giants also blocked an extra point after the first touchdown. It was officially credited to Barry Cofield, but he said it was actually Fred Robbins who blocked it, his third of the season. The Giants stopped that bizarre fake field goal at the end of the half and Lawrence Tynes made the game's only field goal, a 38-yarder in the second quarter.

Coaching: A

Solid game plans on both offense and defense helped the Giants make this one look easy. Offensively Kevin Gilbride used screens and draws - and sometimes a combination of the two - to make the Redskins' defensive aggressiveness work against them. Defensively, Bill Sheridan was the aggressor, sending blitzes such as the Goff one up the middle, while figuring out ways to get the defensive linemen to the quarterback (Tuck's route to Campbell on his first sack is a prime example). Coughlin, meanwhile, kept the team together and focused despite near-dire circumstances.

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