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Eli laments sad day

Eli Manning also spoke on a number of other topics.

He called yesterday “a sad day” when he had to say goodbye to teammates and friends Shaun O’Hara and Rich Seubert.

“Once I got the news on that I talked to both guys, Shaun and Richie,” he said. “Obviously they’ve been great teammates of mine for my whole career here, we’ve had a great run together, won a lot of games. Two great characters, two great teammates, leaders of the team, and a great offensive line that had a great run together. A sad day. I’ve talked to them both since. You play this game long enough and these things happen, it is a part of football. It is sad, we will miss those guys in the locker room and their personalities because they brought a lot to the table.”

Manning didn’t have much to say about David Baas, the free agent lineman the Giants reportedly agreed to terms with from the 49ers. Part of that is because nothing is official until Friday when the signing period begins. Asked how long it takes to get used to a new center, Manning quipped: “I’ll let you know.”

He should have an idea, of course, since he went through four of them last year: O’Hara, Adam Koets, Rich Seubert and Kevin Boothe.

“A lot has to go with it, cadence and rhythm and everything that we do with checks, getting comfortable with him,” Manning said of the relationship. “It does take a little bit of time so we have to make sure we’re on the same page with everything.”

That will be difficult given that Baas or any free agent won’t be allowed to practice until late next week.

“We’ll have some guys who have been here before who will have to step up into those roles, who’ll have some idea of the offense,” Manning said of the players who could pitch in on the offensive line. “There will be some new guys. We drafted a guy, there will probably be some other guys we’ll bring in through free agency who are going to have to come in and learn quickly. Especially if you bring in guys through free agency, having them not be able to practice until Aug. 4, basically you have one week before you’re playing you first preseason game to work with some new players on the offensive line or around other positions. It will be a little bit different this year but hopefully veterans who come in are quick learners.”

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