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Eli looking for tips from Peyton on beating Ravens

It didn’t work out all that well last time, but Eli Manning still thinks he’ll be able to take a few notes and nuggets from his brother Peyton as he prepares for the Ravens … the team Peyton and the Broncos just beat.

It’s only the fourth time in their careers that the Mannings are facing the same team in back-to-week weeks, but it’s the second time this season. Eli picked Peyton’s brain in November when the Broncos beat the Bengals and the Giants played them the following week. The Bengals beat the Giants, 31-13.

“I’m sure I’ll have a few questions for him,” Eli said on Monday. “I haven’t seen their game or what’s going on. Our offensive philosophies are a little different some ways, but I’ll ask and see if he has any tips for me.”

Even though the Giants lost to the Bengals, Eli said that his conversation with Peyton about them was helpful. They’ve had many conversations about opponents this season since both teams are on the same out-of-division schedule, facing the AFC North and the NFC South.

“It’s definitely beneficial and it might be on two things,” Eli said of the talks. “It might be just a certain look or you might be getting this if you get this look. Something I might have figured out in my preparation anyway, but you get it kind of to start with. It’s not scheme of where you've got to run this play. Again, we have different styles of offense, but there might be a few little tips that he’s… With Baltimore, it’s a team he’s played many times over the years and I don’t know if it’s the same scheme or changed up the last few times he’s played them, but you call and maybe get a few ideas or just a few tips on trying to decipher what they’re doing defensively.”

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