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Eli on not being nervous for SNL: 'I do live every Sunday'

Eli Manning of the New York Giants walks

Eli Manning of the New York Giants walks onto the stage as the team is honored at City Hall Plaza following a ticker-tape parade in Manhattan for the second time in four years after winning the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. (Feb. 7, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- The bright lights of SNL apparently don't have anything on the slightly brighter lights of XLVI. At least according to Eli Manning.

"The people there, 10 minutes before the show, they seemed amazed that I wasn't very nervous," the Giants quarterback said Monday night of his Saturday Night Live performance. "I said, 'I do live every Sunday.' "

The two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback added that he got some gentle ribbing from teammates -- from text messages to "a number of guys saying different things . You know, I look good in a dress, and I got a few bananas thrown at me."

Manning, of course, was referring to the skit in which he played a jilted cross-dresser at a beauty pageant and another more risque sketch involving the fruit. "I [was] pretty open to do whatever," he said. "I'm not going to be real reserved . . . You know, you grow up watching it. It was a personal thing. I wasn't going to do it for any other reason than it was a challenge and an honor to walk on that stage."

Manning, on hand Monday night for the Guiding Eyes sponsor appreciation dinner -- a nonprofit that trains seeing-eye dogs and pairs them with owners -- also talked football.

On two of the Giants' recent draft picks, running back David Wilson and wide receiver Rueben Randle, he said, "It's always good when you can get good offensive guys joining the team.

"They have a rookie mini-camp this weekend, so I'm looking forward to . . . where I can start working with them, get them caught up on offense and see what happens this year."

He said he enjoys having the option of Wilson and 2011 pick Da'Rel Scott, both speedsters who can replace the big hole left by Brandon Jacobs.

Said Manning, "The more talented players you have on the team, the better."

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