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Good Afternoon

Eli Manning thinks Victor Cruz is smart to stay quiet on contract situation

Eli Manning attends the Robin Hood Benefit Concert

Eli Manning attends the Robin Hood Benefit Concert in New York. (May 14, 2013) Credit: AP

The story of the Giants offseason has been the negotiations with Victor Cruz. But for most of the process Cruz himself has remained a silent participant, declining media requests to talk about his situation as he did on Tuesday at the annual BTIG Commissions for Charity event. While he was all too happy to salsa for a good cause, he has remained mum on everything else.

One Giant who has become a master of avoiding media waves over the years admires that approach.

"I think that's a good idea from him," said Eli Manning, attending the same BTIG event. "There's nothing he can say that is going to make anything better or worse. I think it's just best to lay low."

Cruz hasn't distanced himself from teammates or fans, making many public appearances. He and Tom Coughlin shared a brief exchange at the event and Cruz took pictures and chatted with fans at the midtown office. He was cordial when asked by those fans about his future, but said nothing on the record to reporters.

Cruz is such a lightning rod that Coughlin changed the subject when asked about him, turning the topic to, of all things, pizza. And Manning reiterated a desire to see Cruz back with the team for some portion of OTAs that begin next week.

"Obviously he still has some responsibilities and work for charities and that's good," Manning said. "But I think he's gonna probably lay low until this deal gets done, and he can put it behind him and get back to worrying about playing great football and trying to work on things and get better and get back with the team. I know he's hoping for that."

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