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No rest yet for Eli Manning at Giants training camp

Eli Manning throws a pass during Giants training

Eli Manning throws a pass during Giants training camp on Friday, Aug. 3, 2018. Credit: James Escher

While the Giants are managing the practice snaps of many players this training camp, increasing and decreasing workloads to create peak performances not only in the workouts but as they inch toward the opener in a month and a day, their most notable player to have taken every rep with the first team may also be the most unlikely.

The 37-year-old starting quarterback.

Eli Manning has yet to miss a snap as the Giants approach the end of their second week of camp. It’s a different approach than the previous regime had last summer when they sometimes limited his throws in an effort to preserve his strength.

“We do have to continue to monitor him and we do that verbally as well,” offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Mike Shula said on Monday. “We say ‘Hey, you have to be honest with us and make sure we’re not giving you too much.’ But he does such a good job of taking care of himself physically. It starts in the offseason. He just knows how to get ready, how to get his arm ready for the grind. He’s done a great job.”

Shula did admit that the Giants have “pushed the envelope a little bit” with Manning’s reps due to the newness of the offense.

“We want him feeling really good not just about what he’s doing but getting him together with the guys who will be there on Sundays, the timing and all the little adjustments they’ll have to make,” Shula said.

Manning said he feels great, is enjoying camp, and is looking forward to playing in the upcoming preseason games.

“Arm feels good, body feels good,” Manning said. “I’ve felt great all year and hopefully it’ll stay that way for a while.”

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