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Eli Manning will practice topless tomorrow

Tom Coughlin said that Eli Manning will practice with the team on Monday, but he will do so without wearing a helmet. He could be wearing a helmet later in the week, but for tomorrow at least he'll be in the huddle and on the field with just a baseball cap on.

Big deal? Probably not. Defenses are not allowed anywhere near the red-shirted quarterbacks during practices anyway. And tomorrow is sure to be more about corrections and schemes than physical hitting. But still, they're putting Manning in a precarious position without that protection. One slip of a hand towards his face or one batted ball back toward his head or one anything flying at him and all of a sudden the situation is made worse and not better.

There will be plenty of Giants coaches and brass holding their breath during tomorrow's practice with the Headless Horseman running the offense.

“We’re going to be very very careful,” Tom Coughlin said, in perhaps the understatement of the season.

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