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Eli on Peyton: "He's fighting and competing"

It’s always fun to look at the transcripts of conference calls when reporters in other cities get to ask questions of Giants players. This week the Minnesota writers got Eli Manning, and the subject eventually turned to … Peyton Manning.

Here’s the transcript of that two-question exchange.

Q: What’s wrong with Peyton Manning and have you had any advice for him?

A: It’s the game of football. He’s fighting and competing and doing a lot of good things. They’ve got injuries and lost a lot of their core guys and they had different running backs against Dallas. They’re not running the ball real well. He’s in a tough spot having to throw it every down and teams know it. They had chances to win the other day and they had a drop by a receiver. He’s doing a lot of good things and fighting and competing and they’re still in contention to get in the playoffs.

Q: Is this the first time in your career you have had to lift him up a little bit?

A: No, it’s something that’s constant. We’ve all gone through losses and we’ve all gone through tough times at some point. And that’s when it’s nice to have a brother just to text message or phone call. He’s done it many times for me. You don’t like to talk about it and dwell on it. The good thing about them this week is they have a short week. They got Tennessee tomorrow night so they didn’t have much time to dwell on it. They’ve got to get back to work and hopefully they can get back on a win streak.

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