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Eli or Peyton: Who should Dungy take?

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning passes against

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning passes against the San Francisco 49ers. (Nov. 13, 2011) Credit: AP

Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning will be forever linked after all of the success they had together in Indianapolis. On tonight’s pregame broadcast, Dungy sat down with Eli Manning.

In an exclusive interview airing tonight on Football Night in America, Dungy asks Eli this question: “If I am coming back into coaching, and I get to pick a quarterback, do I take you or Peyton?”

Interesting on several fronts. First of all – coming back into coaching, hmm? Second of all – after his episode with being “elite” and in “Tom Brady’s class” this summer, will Eli shy away from comparisons?

“That’s a good question,” Eli says. “I don’t know if I have an honest answer on that. He is my brother and obviously his resume speaks for itself. I had a good first seven years, but I think my best football is on the rise.”

In other words: Eli would take Eli, he just can't say so.

“If I did take you, would you be easier to coach than Peyton?” Dungy asked. Eli chuckled.

“I think so. You know a lot of things about my big brother. It’s all in the right intentions and he wants to win. He’s dedicated 1000 percent to football, but I know he can be tough at times.

“Having him as a big brother, I have seen those sides. But he’s got a big heart, He’s a competitive guy, and just the hardest working guy you will ever see, so I don’t think you can go wrong with either quarterback.”

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