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Eyes on Eli can be deceiving

And we continue the parade of former players weighing in on the Giants with Michael Strahan, who spoke with Neil Best on Thursday evening and whose opinions on this current squad were covered here.

But Strahan also spoke about a certain quarterback who called himself “elite” this season.

“Eli is playing lights out,” Strahan said, just a few minutes after he finished interviewing Manning for a segment that will run on the FOX pregame show Sunday.

Strahan suggested that with Eli, there is definitely more than meets the eye.

“He has that boyish look to him. He doesn’t look like he’s 31 years old. He looks like he’s 17 and everyone mistakes that,” he said. “A lot of the quarterbacks people compare him to haven’t won anything, never won the Super Bowl or taken a team to the Super Bowl or carried a team. It’s more like the way he looks and his demeanor than his talent. He’s doing what he’s doing. I love it. He’s definitely an elite quarterback.”

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