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Favre having trouble pulling up socks, but will "wait-and-see" about playing Sunday

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre (4) reacts after

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre (4) reacts after being injured in the first quarter of a game against the Buffalo Bills. (Dec. 5, 2010) Credit: AP

If you asked everyone who thinks Brett Favre will play on Sunday to raise their hand, there would be a lot of arms shooting up in the air. Tom Coughlin's and Perry Fewell's included.

But Favre’s would not be among them.

It’s not that Mr. Indestructible has any doubts that he’ll be ready. It’s just that right now, with a strained SC shoulder joint he suffered early in Sunday’s win over the Bills, raising his hand is not in his repertoire.

“He’s not there yet,” Vikings interim head coach Leslie Frazier told reporters Wednesday after noting that Favre had shown him how high he can lift his arm. “He’s not quite ready to throw a football yet. Hopefully there will be some improvement tomorrow, but he’s not quite there yet.”

Favre said that things like putting on a shirt or pulling up socks have given him trouble in recent days.

“Walking around and things like that, it’s not something like a headache or something where it is constant,” Favre said of the pain in his weekly press conference in Minnesota on Wednesday. “Certain movements or rolling in bed. You roll to the left or right and you are reminded of it … I haven’t tried to throw or anything like that, so the range of motion is where most of the pain is.”

Frazier said that if Favre is healthy enough to play on Sunday, he will. Given that he’s having difficult dressing himself at this point, that seems like it might not be the case. But after sitting out Wednesday’s workout, Favre said he’s expecting to practice on Thursday and by Friday he’ll have a better idea of whether or not he can extend his consecutive starts streak to 298.

“Like pretty much every injury I have had before, it’s kind of a wait-and-see mentality, just treat it,” Favre said. “I broke my foot several weeks back. I was in a boot. I would have thought there was no way possible to play, but as the week progressed, I felt a little bit better. It all comes down to if you think you can play, can you function enough to play within the offense. That’s a question you have to be answering.”

Interestingly, Frazier said that there is one other aspect that could determine whether or not Favre plays besides doctors and the quarterback himself. That would be the Giants' defensive line, which has already knocked out five quarterbacks this season.

"To a degree," Frazier said of that reputation playing into his decision, "but a much lesser degree than most would imagine. We really feel like we can do some things to protect him. But they’ve done a great job rushing the passer. There’s no question about it. What it means is we’ve got to do a great job of protecting him when he’s out there."

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