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Feagles instructing punters at minicamp, maybe more

New York Giants punter Jeff Feagles speaks to

New York Giants punter Jeff Feagles speaks to the media after announcing his retirement at rookie NFL football mincamp Friday, April 30, 2010 in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun) Credit: AP Photo/Bill Kostroun

Laying back-down on the locker room floor, Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes couldn’t help but take a stab at Jeff Feagles as he walked into the locker room. Feagles looked the part of a retiree. White Giants cap and polo shirt. Cargo shorts. Despite the fact that Feagles locker still resides two slots down from Tynes’, his former special teams teammate didn’t mince words about Feagles’ current role.

"We should Saran Wrap it (Feagles’ locker)," Tynes said.

No matter what Tynes says, though, Feagles was back at Giants minicamp as it opened here at the Timex Performance Center with one job in mind. Feagles was with the Giants two new punters, Jy Bond and rookie Matt Dodge, helping to instruct them on Tuesday. He will also be back Wednesday but said that will be all for this week.

Bond and Dodge are vying to start at punter in a job vacated by Feagles after his 22 years in the NFL. The last seven of those seasons he spent with the Giants.

"Just working on fundamentals, that’s what they have to do better at," Feagles said. "Its fun, it’s a little bit different as far as concentrating on different things. Instead of me doing what I was doing. Just trying to get the other guys teaching them."

Giants General Manager Jerry Reese reached out to Feagles after he retired to help with the Giants punters. Feagles said he will continue to work with them in the off-season – he said he would like to work "more than one or two days in a row" up at the teams training camp in Albany later this summer -- and even hinted at helping into the season. Feagles said that he has "no interest" in a full time coaching job.

"Even Tiger Woods has a swing coach," Feagles said… "We have discussed very minimal about going forward."

On Tuesday, Feagles and the Giants rookie Dodge said Feagles helped each punter with regards to the very basics of punting, giving tips on how he would go about certain things. Dodge, who the Giants drafted in the seventh round this year out of East Carolina, said Feagles harped on distinct nuances. Dodge even went into the role that the Giants punter will have this year of holding for Tynes on kicks – something that Feagles’ perfected in his time with the Giants that has some fans worried with his departure.

"Hammering home the basics," Dodge said. "What he (Feagles) did everytime. If you watch him punt, it wasn’t anything fancy. The same thing every time. That is what I’m trying to emulate… We’ve been holding (kicks) since we got here, it got started off kind of rocky, but we are on the same page now."

And from Tuesday’s comments it seems like Feagles still has a lot that he still wants to teach the two new punters. For however much time he chooses to allot to them.

"We worked on technique, all the way down to just standing there waiting." Feagles said. "Taking it back apart and putting it back together."

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