Now that Victor Cruz’s first game back is out of the way, Mike Sullivan is ready to get to business.

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“A heart-warming, positive, great story aside, which it first and foremost is,” the Giants’ offensive coordinator said, “from the standpoint of having an extra weapon for the offense, it’s tremendous. That’s what we’re excited about seeing.”

Sullivan has coached Cruz for most of the receiver’s career. It was Sullivan who suggested that Cruz celebrate his touchdowns with a salsa dance in 2011, and it quickly became a tradition. Last week against the Cowboys, Cruz did it for the first time in almost two full years and the 25th time in his career.

“First of all, we’re all very, very happy for the young man as a person,” Sullivan said. “He has been through so much and worked very, very hard, and it was exciting for all of his teammates, it was exciting I’m sure for all of the fans, and for the coaches for sure, to see him do the salsa and see him be back. It’s gratifying.

“Having said that,” Sullivan continued, “he continues this week to get better and get more acclimated into the system, being able to move around in various spots. The timing with Eli is showing signs of improvement.”

Cruz’s story, in other words, can’t get much better than it did on Sunday, but his performance, it seems, might be able to.