David Wilson may be the Giants' starting running back during this playoff stretch, but on Wednesday the topic of conversation was more about his touchdown celebrations than his sudden increased responsibility.

Wilson, who thrice performed a backflip on Sunday against the Saints (and also did it after his first NFL touchdown vs. the Browns in October), said it's something he's been doing since he was a young child.

"I've been doing them since I was 3 years old," Wilson said. "It's like easy, it's almost like running, for me to jump and turn backwards. I've been doing it for a while. I think people can relax a little."

That won't happen.

Tom Coughlin was asked about the flips. "Next question," he said with an agitated shake of the head.

Some players have told him to stop -- among them Justin Tuck -- but Wilson said he has not received any orders from the team brass on that matter.

"Nobody asked me to stop," Wilson said when asked if general manager Jerry Reese had put the kibosh on the flips. "Reese just told me if I get hurt then he'll be in my grill."

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Tuck was more direct.

"I told him several times never to do that again," the defensive captain said. "We're going to have another talk about not doing it. Everyone knows how athletic he is but the last thing we need is him having some tweak injury by showing off to the crowd. Let's just keep him upright and running and leave the backflips for YouTube. They're already on YouTube. If people want to see them, they can go to YouTube and see them."

The Giants' current (and perhaps former?) king of end zone celebrations, Victor Cruz, said he and his salsa feel no threat from Wilson and his flip. "No competition this way," he said.

Cruz did marvel at the flips, especially the one Wilson did with the football still in his hands. But he also said it makes him nervous.

"It scares me every time he does it because you never know what can happen," Cruz said. "You don't want to see him get hurt. But the backflip is definitely impressive . . . The salsa and the backflip are two solid entities."

Cruz said he "cringes" when he sees Wilson do it, but Wilson assured him he and the Giants have nothing to worry about.

Asked if he's ever missed a landing, Wilson said: "No. Never."

At least one prominent Giants wants Wilson to keep turning backflips.

"That means he's scoring touchdowns," Eli Manning said. "So that's fine by me."