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Flozell to the Giants?

OK, so it's a misleading headline. I have no information one way or another about any Giants interest in Flozell Adams. I have my suspicions, but I have no solid information.

What I do know is that the Jets appear to be very close to signing Jason Taylor.

And much the way Adams is viewed by the Giants, Taylor is despised by most Jets fans. That leaves those fans of the Jets to do some soul-searching this weekend and figure out how they will receive their newest linebacker (assuming the deal gets done). Will they cringe at the signing or embrace it? I heard from a few Jets fans yesterday while I was covering the team for the day and they were not very enthusiastic about bringing Taylor on board for a variety of reasons.

It got me to thinking: What would Giants fans do if their team was suddenly in hot pursuit of Flozell Adams? What would your reaction be if Adams, recently set loose by the Cowboys, was spotted walking the hallways of the Timex Performance Center, exchanging pleasantries with Giants players, and having a swanky Manhattan meal with Tom Coughlin and Jerry Reese?

Think about it for a moment and let me know.

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