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Focus on O'Hara injury shifts from Achilles to bursa with encouraging results

Giants center Shaun O'Hara missed the first week

Giants center Shaun O'Hara missed the first week of training camp with an ankle injury. Credit: Howard Schnapp, 2009

Shaun O’Hara has been dealing with his compound injury the last few weeks as if the Achilles was the real problem and the ankle was secondary. Last week, though, after a visit to ankle specialist Dr. Martin O’Malley, a decision was made to flip-flop priorities. And that seems to be working.

“We were treating the Achilles and the Achilles actually is fine,” O’Hara said today. “It’s actually more like a bursitis that we’re dealing with. Once we got that figured out and injected the bursa, things seemed to really calm down.”

O’Hara had a shot of cortisone in the bursa on Thursday and saw remarkable improvement to the point where he will attempt to participate in the team’s next practice in some scale on Wednesday.

“The Achilles is good,” he said. “Initially we were treating it as Achilles tendonosis or tendonitis, and that’s really not as much the issue as the bursa. I feel like we got a little more response from the last injection because we went and attacked it at a different angle.”

“I think we continued to treat it as if it was one injury and that proved to not be effective,” he added. “So I think once we decided to treat it in a different aspect, it’s shown significant signs of improvement. That’s why I’m encouraged as well as everyone else.”

O’Hara said it’s been frustrating dealing with the injury since the start of training camp, particularly because the medical staff was chasing a red herring and there was never a timetable for his return.

“I’d never really gone through something that could be called a condition or was continuous,” O’Hara said. “I’ve torn ligaments in the ankle or the knee and things like that and they always have a pretty good timetable. ‘Hey, you’ll be out two weeks.’ So this was really testing me on a daily basis.”

He also said that playing in the first two games of the season did him no favors in terms of recovery.

“I tried everything I could to relieve the pain and it just wasn’t going away so I decided I would just play with it and deal with it,” O’Hara said. “I think after the Indy game we realized that I couldn’t do that every single week. It wasn’t going to be good for the team, it wasn’t going to be good for me. I’m just encouraged now with where we’re at and the progress we’ve made even in the last five days and I’m hoping I can put it behind me.”


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