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Gameday Live 14: Giants vs. Eagles

Michael Vick

Michael Vick Credit: Getty Images

Wow, one of the craziest games you'll ever see ends with DeSean Jackson returning a punt 65 yards for a touchdown for the walk-off win.

That's the end of game, as the Eagles miraculously defeat the Giants, 38-31, for their sixth straight win over New York.

Giants: 9-5 (5-3 home)
Eagles: 10-4 (6-2 road)

Scores by quarter for the Eagles: 0, 3, 7, 28
Scores by quarter for the Giants: 7, 17, 0, 7

*The Eagles scored 28 unanswered points in the last 7:43 of the game.

Giants' fifth scoring drive: 7 plays, 47 yards, 4:17

Scoring play: Boss 8-yard pass from Manning (Tynes kick) ... it was Boss' fifth TD catch of the season, and Manning's 28th TD pass (he has four today). Boss has three catches for 59 yards and a touchdown on the day — all of it coming in the fourth quarter.

Key play: Jackson fumble (more below). Also, Chaney's encroachment on third-and-2 from the Eagles' 19.

Eagles' third scoring drive: 2 plays, 75 yards, 0:49

Scoring play: Celek 65-yard pass from Vick (Akers kick) ... it was Celek's fourth TD catch of the season and Vick's 19th TD pass.

Key play: On the touchdown pass, Tuck was covering Celek and was burned deep. Also, Phillips missed a tackle, allowing Celek to spring free.

Eagles' fourth scoring drive: 5 plays, 57 yards, 2:00

Scoring play: Vick 4-yard run (Akers kick) ... it was the first rushing touchdown of the game. Vick has eight rushing TDs on the season. He chucked the ball hard into the back wall after the score.

Key play: Cooper's onside kick recovery (more below). Also, Vick 35-yard scramble on first-and-10 from the Giants' 44.

Eagles' fifth scoring drive: 8 plays, 88 yards, 1:45

Scoring play: Maclin 13-yard pass from Vick (Akers kick) ... it was Maclin's second TD catch of the day and 10th of the season. It was Vick's 19th TD pass of the season and third of the game.

Key play: Vick 33-yard scramble on third-and-12 from his own 12. Vick had two rushes for 55 yards on the drive.

Eagles' sixth score drive: Jackson 65 punt return (Akers kick)


*On the Eagles' first drive of the fourth quarter, Brent Celek jumped offside to bring up a third-and-13. Then, Rolle batted a pass down at the line of scrimmage to bring up a third-and-13. On that play, Vick had Jackson in 1-on-1 coverage deep down the field, but Thomas just got his hands in there to knock the pass away.

**After Boss caught a 36-yard pass over the middle, the Giants failed to get another first down and were forced to punt. On the first play of the ensuing drive, Vick hit Jackson deep for a gain of 31 yards. At the end of the run, Jackson fell down and fumbled the ball. Kenny Phillips recovered for the Giants, but it appeared on the replays as if Goff touched Jackson before the fumble, meaning he would have been down by contact before the turnover. But Andy Reid chose not to have the play reviewed. Bad call by him. 

***After Celek's TD closed the lead to 14, the Eagles attempted an onside kick and rookie Riley Cooper easily recovered for Philly. The Giants were horribly out of position.

****The Eagles got the ball back down by seven with 3:01 to play and no timeouts. Vick threw incompletions on the first two plays and then scrambled down the left sideline for 33 yards. After a 13-yard pass to Avant, Pierre-Paul batted a pass down at the line of scrimmage to bring up second-and-10 from the 42.

On that play, Vick took off up the middle for a gain of 22 yards, giving Philly a first-and-10 on the Giants' 20. After a 6-yard pass to Celek, Vick completed the TD pass to Maclin (he slipped out of Thomas' tackle).

*****Danny Ware returned the ensuing kickoff 21 yards to his own 36. Manning threw incomplete on first down, and his second-down pass intended for Boss was nearly picked off. On third down, he was sacked by Travor Laws for a loss of seven yards. The next play was Jackson's walk-off.

Here are your three stars for today's game:

1. Jackson: game-winning 65-yard punt return for a touchdown. Also, three catches for 52 yards and a lost fumble. All three of his catches came in the second half.

2. Vick: 21-of-35 for 242 yards with three touchdowns and an INT. Also, 10 carries for 130 yards and a score.

3. Maclin: 7 catches for 59 yards with two touchdowns (including the tying score) and a lost fumble.

Also, Celek: 2 catches for 72 yards, including a 65-yard touchdown that started the Eagles' late run. 

Also, the Giants defense sacked Vick three times.

*The Giants had a 33:29-26:31 advantage in time of possession, but the Eagles had a 418-364 advantage in total yards.

Here are today's final stats...


Manning: 23-of-39 for 289 yards, four TDs, INT

Bradshaw: 19 carries, 66 yards; 2 catches, 14 yards

Jacobs: 12 carries, 34 yards

Manningham: 8 catches, 113 yards, two TDs, lost fumble

Nicks: 6 catches, 63 yards, TD

Boss: 3 catches, 59 yards, TD

Hagan: 3 catches, 36 yards

Beckum: 1 catch, 4 yards

Tynes: 1-for-1 on FGs; 4-for-4 on XPs

Dodge: 7 punts, 23.3-yard net average, long of 50 (net).

Phillips: 2 fumble recoveries

Thomas: forced fumble

Tuck: 1.5 sacks

Bernard: sack

Pierre-Paul: .5 sack

Webster: INT


McCoy: 10 carries, 64 yards; 4 catches, 13 yards

Harrison: 1 carry, 3 yards; 1 catch, 7 yards

Avant: 3 catches, 35 yards

Clay Harbor: 1 catch, 4 yards

Akers: 1-for-1 on FGs; 5-for-5 on XPs

Patterson: fumble recovery

Mikell: INT

Fokou/Laws: sack each

Chaney: 12 tackles, forced fumble

*The attendance at New Meadowlands Stadium today was 81,223.

Okay, that's all for today's game. Please check back below for updates on my pregame keys to the game. Thanks to all for coming out!

As always, it was my honor and pleasure to bring everyone all of today's live game action.

See ya'll back here next Sunday, as the Giants visit the Green Bay Packers at 4:15 p.m. Have a great Sunday night everyone!  


End of the 3rd Quarter: Giants 24, Eagles 10

Eagles' second scoring drive: 3 plays, 25 yards, 1:04

Scoring play: Maclin 8-yard pass from Vick (Akers kick) ... it was his ninth TD catch of the season and Vick's 18th TD pass. It was a well-designed play, where Vick and nearly the entire Eagles' offense rolled left, and then Maclin snuck out into the right flat and was left wide open.

Key play: Manningham's fumble (more below).

Players who impressed for the Giants:

-Chris Canty batted down a Vick pass to bring up a third-and-6. On the next play, Pierre-Paul and Tuck combined for a sack of Vick for a loss of six yards.

-Dodge's third punt was a 43-yard beauty that was fair caught at the Eagles' 8-yard line.

Players who struggled:

-Bradshaw lost a yard on his third-and-1 carry from midfield to force a punt.

-Phillips allowed Jason Avant to catch a third-and-6 pass in front of him for a gain of 18 yards.

-Manningham caught a short pass for 10 yards. As he was going out of bounds along the left sideline, he fumbled the ball back onto the field of play and it was recovered by Mike Patterson.

-Jacobs dropped a pass out of the backfield to start the Giants' third drive of the quarter.

-Dodge's fourth punt, a 28-yarder, netted only 19 yards after a nine-yard return by Jorrick Calvin.

What to watch for in the fourth quarter: Can the Giants jump into the driver's seat in the NFC East? It appears that way.


Here are some halftime stats for your viewing pleasure...


Manning: 16-of-25 for 188 yards, three TDs, INT

Jacobs: 6 carries, 17 yards

Bradshaw: 9 carries, 35 yards; 2 catches, 14 yards

Manningham: 6 catches, 91 yards, two TD

Nicks: 5 catches, 52 yards, TD

Hagan: 2 catches, 27 yards

Travis Beckum: 1 catch, 4 yards

Tynes: 1-for-1 on FGs; 3-for-3 on XPs

Phillips: fumble recovery

Thomas: forced fumble

Tuck/Bernard: sack each

Webster: INT


Vick: 6-of-10 for 33 yards, INT; 5 carries, 23 yards

McCoy: 5 carries, 30 yards; 2 catches, 4 yards

Jerome Harrison: 1 carry, 3 yards; 1 catch, 7 yards

Maclin: 3 catches, 22 yards, lost fumble

Akers: 1-for-1 on FGs

Mikell: INT

Fojou: sack

Chaney: 7 tackles


End of the 2nd Quarter: Giants 24, Eagles 3

Eagles' first scoring drive: 5 plays, 29 yards, 2:12

Scoring play: David Akers 34-yard FG ... he has made 30 field goals in 35 attempts this season.

Key play: Mikell's interception, Goff's personal foul after a 15-yard gain by Vick (both plays happened in the first quarter).

Giants' second scoring drive: 8 plays, 73 yards, 4:45

Scoring play: Manningham 33-yard pass from Manning (Lawrence Tynes kick) ... it was Manningham's second TD catch today and seventh of the season, and Manning's 26th TD pass.

Key play: Nicks 15-yard catch from Manning on third-and-12 from the Philly 48-yard line the play before the touchdown.

Giants' third scoring drive: 12 plays, 55 yards, 3:23

Scoring play: Tynes 25-yard FG ... it was his 17th made field goal in 20 attempts.

Key play: Two Manning third-down completions to Hagan and Bradshaw (more below).

Giants' fourth scoring drive: 1 plays, 8 yards, 0:04

Scoring play: Nicks 8-yard pass from Manning (Tynes kick) ... it was Nicks' 10th TD catch of the season, and Manning's 27th TD throw (he has three today).

Key play: Maclin's fumble (more below).

Players who impressed for the Giants:

-Rocky Bernard and a host of teammates sacked Vick on third-and-3 from the Giants' 12 to bring up the field-goal attempt.

-On the touchdown, Manningham went low to catch the ball, then got up, shook a tackle by Dimitri Patterson at the 6, and scampered into the end zone. For Manningham, it is his first career multi-TD game.

-Justin Tuck snuffed out a screen to McCoy for a loss of a yard to bring up a third-and-8 for the Eagles. On that play, Tuck sacked Vick for a loss of 11 yards. Vick came up limping as he walked to the sideline, but appears to be O.K.

-Blackmon's second punt return went for 22 yards, giving the Giants the ball on their own 38-yard line. 

-Manning hit Derek Hagan on a short out to the right for 16 yards and Bradshaw on a short pass over the middle for 11 yards to convert third downs on the second drive of the quarter.

-In the waning seconds of the half, Maclin fumbled after making a 13-yard catch andKenny Phillips returned it 22 yards to the Eagles' 8-yard line. The play was reviewed, but stood as called.

Players who struggled:

-Manning threw a deep ball to Manningham off his back foot that was nearly intercepted by Patterson.

What to watch for in the second half: Can the Eagles score a touchdown? They haven't been held without one in a game all season.

*Also, the sun has peaked out here in Jersey.

**There have been two scuffles on the field already this afternoon, so expect more chippy play in the second half. O'Hara was in the middle of the second one.

***For the Eagles, d-back Nate Allen slipped on the turf and appeared to blow out either his knee or Achilles. He needed a cart to take him off the field.

****Dave Tollefson has a knee sprain and will not return today.


End of the 1st Quarter: Giants 7, Eagles 0

Giants' first scoring drive: 9 plays, 71 yards, 4:07

Scoring play: Manningham 35-yard pass from Manning (Lawrence Tynes kick) ... it was Manningham's sixth TD catch and Manning's 25th TD pass.

Key play: Nicks 22-yard catch from Manning on third-and-11 from their own 28 (more below); Manningham 10-yard catch from Manning on third-and-7 from the Eagles' 47. Also, the touchdown pass came on third-and-8.

Players who impressed for the Giants:

-Matt Dodge's first punt went 50 yards and was returned just one yard. His second was fair caught by Jeremy Maclin at the 15-yard line. Nice job by the rookie so far.

-Chris Canty flushed Vick out of the pocket on a second-down throw and the QB's underthrown pass was picked off by Corey Webster, his fourth INT of the season. It was Vick's fifth interception of the season.

-Terrell Thomas made a nice open-field tackle on Maclin to prevent a huge gain. The play went for five yards.

-Jason Pierre-Paul batted down Vick's third-down pass to force a punt.

-Hakeem Nicks made a nice sliding catch for 22 yards to convert a third-and-11 from the Giants' 28. The ball appeared to hit the ground, but Andy Reid did not challenge the call. Two plays later, Nicks dropped what seemed to be an easy catch along the left sideline that would have gone for a big gainer.

Players who struggled:

-Bear Pascoe, playing fullback, was flagged for a holding penalty on the first play of the game, derailing the Giants' first drive.

-Manning had a rough start to the game. On the first drive, he misfired on two passes to Manningham, and then on the second drive, he dropped back about a mile and was sacked for a loss of 18 yards by Moise Fokou. On the next play, he nearly had a pass intercepted.

-Antrel Rolle missed a tackle on McCoy in the backfield, and the speedy back went for a gain of 20 yards down the left side.

-Will Blackmon muffed his first punt return, but luckily for him, the ball was recovered for the Giants by Chase Blackburn.

-Kevin Boss dropped a pass down the left seam that would have gone for considerable yardage.

-Seubert was guarding Darryl Tapp, but he allowed the lineman to jump in the air and tip a Manning pass that was intercepted by Quintin Mikell — his third INT of the season and Manning's league-leading 20th.

-On the last play of the quarter, Jonathan Goff was flagged for a late hit on Vick, tacking 15 yards on to an 11-yard run.

What to watch for in the second quarter: Can the Giants get their running game going? They have only 21 yards on seven carries.

*The Giants have won the toss and will receive.


Good afternoon Giants enthusiasts! Welcome to Week 15 in the NFL!

I'm Chris Mascaro and I'm here at New Meadowlands Stadium to bring you all of today's live game action, as the Giants (9-4, 5-2 home) take on Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles (9-4, 5-2 road) in a battle for NFC East supremacy.

So how do the Giants intend on stopping the dynamic Vick today? By hitting him.

The MVP candidate has rushed for 483 yards and a career-high seven touchdowns on 82 carries, but his running style lends itself to big hits for the defense. The 6-0, 215-pound QB missed three games earlier this season because of a rib injury he suffered on this run against Washington

The Giants have already knocked six opposing quarterbacks out of games this season. Might Vick, who's thrown four interceptions in his last three games, be the seventh?

"If I was going to tell Michael Vick anything, it's be: You're picking your own poison," said Justin Tuck earlier this week. "He's running like that, which is very effective for him, but he's going to take some hits."

Tuck tied his season-high with three sacks when these teams met four weeks ago in Philly — a 27-17 win for the Eagles. The Giants' defense is the only unit to hold Vick without a touchdown pass when he's played the entire game.

The Giants haven't lost a game since then, but they're coming off a short week after the Metrodome debacle last weekend. The Eagles have won two straight, including last week's 30-27 come-from-behind win in Dallas.

If the postseason started today, the Giants would be the No. 6 seed in the NFC, while Philly would be in the No. 3 spot. Obviously today's game will go a long way towards clearing up the postseason picture.

Keeping contain of Vick is one of the keys to the Giants' success, or lack thereof, this afternoon. Here are three more keys to the game, and if you don't like them, there's always this stuff.

1. Will complete protection lead to a high completion percentage? For only the fifth time this season and first time since before their bye week, the Giants' regular offensive line is in tact. Center Shaun O'Hara, who missed the last season six games with a foot injury, is back in the lineup, meaning Rich Seubert can slide back to his natural left guard spot. Kevin Boothe, my classmate at Cornell, had been filling that spot.

During O'Hara's six-game absence, Eli Manning (24 TDs, 19 INTs) was sacked just once, but he had eight interceptions to go with his 10 touchdowns. After a strong week of practice, Eli, who leads the league with 19 interceptions, is ready to go against a team that's bedeviled him in the past (he's thrown seven INTs in his last four games against the Eagles). Will the bolstered O-line aid his performance? We shall see.

*Manning had a strong game with 289 passing yards, and he tied his season-high of four touchdowns. He threw only one interception and was sacked just twice. But, like his teammates, he couldn't make a big play when it mattered most down the stretch.

2. It's quicker to fly than run. The Eagles have the top offense in the NFL at 402.8 yards per game, while the Giants are fourth at 385.4. Many think Philly only moves the ball through the air, but that actually isn't true. The Eagles' running game, led by spectacular second-year back LeSean McCoy, is actually right on par with the Giants'. People just think of Philly as high-flying because of DeSean Jackson, who had a ridiculous four catches for 210 yards, including a 91-yard touchdown, last week in Dallas. The 210 yards was his career high and an NFL record for a player making four catches or fewer. He'll play toay despite a sprained left foot.

Can the Giants' backfield duo of Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs, who have combined for 545 rushing yards the last three games, keep up? The Eagles limited the Giants to a season-low 61 yards on the ground last month.

*One area the Giants did not excel was in the running game, as Bradshaw and Jacobs combined for only 100 yards on 31 carries. The Giants' long run of the game was only 11 yards. Their inability to run the ball well hurt down the stretch as they tried to milk time off the clock. Defensively, the Giants had no answer for Vick running the ball — his 130 rushing yards were his most since 2006 with the Falcons.

3. Breaking the Eagle hex? The Giants have lost five straight games to Philly, including three by double-digit margins. They haven't lost six in a row to Philly since losing 12 straight from 1975-81. This is the first time these two teams have met sporting record at least five games over .500 since the early 1960s. Can the Giants overcome their biggest rivals today?

*It might be safe to say the Eagles have the Giants' number after a game like this.

Today's inactives for the Giants are: KR Darius Reynaud, DB Michel Coe, TE Jake Ballard, G Mitch Petrus, OL Jamon Meredith, WR Devin Thomas, DE Alex Hall and DT Linval Joseph. Receiver Mario Manningham is active despite a hip injury.

For Philly, Asante Samuel, who has intercepted Manning twice as an Eagle and leads the league with seven picks, will play despite missing the past three games with a knee injury. Linebacker Stewart Bradley is out with an injured elbow, so rookie Jamar Chaney will make his first career start.

Here is the weather report from East Rutherford, where it's gray and in the mid-30s. There is a chance for snow flurries during the afternoon.

Finally, here are a few notes on tonight's game:

-The Eagles, who finished last season 11-6 (including playoffs), were 5-4 on the road (including a playoff loss in Dallas). They are 3-1 against NFC East opponents this year, while the Giants are 2-2. That's important because division record is the second tiebreaker to determine the division champ after head-to-head record.

-The Giants enter the day fourth in the NFC in points scored with 329 (behind, in order, Philly, Atlanta and New Orleans). The Giants have allowed 250, which is fifth best in the conference (behind Green Bay, Chicago, New Orleans and Atlanta).

-The Eagles lead the NFC with 374 points this season (second only to New England's 415 in the NFL) and they've allowed 308 (ninth best in the conference).

-The Eagles also lead the NFL in turnover margin at +15 (15 giveaways, 30 takeaways). They are second only to the Pats, who are +18. The Giants lead the NFL in both giveaways (33) and takeaways (31), and the net result of a -2 turnover margin is 16th in the league.

-Vick has completed 63.6 percent of his 294 passes this season for a career-high 2,513 yards. The 30-year old, an eight-year veteran out of Virginia Tech, is averaging 8.5 yards per attempt. He has thrown 17 touchdowns and four interceptions in 10 games, and his career-high 104.3 passer rating is third in the NFL.

-McCoy rushed for a career-high 149 yards for Philly last week in Dallas. Giants fans remember him for his 50-yard, fourth-down run earlier this season.

-Bradshaw and Jacobs each rushed for over 100 yards in last week's win over Minny.

-The Eagles are going for their sixth win in seven games. A win today would give them back-to-back 10-win seasons since they did it five straight seasons from 2000-04.

-After today's game, the Giants play their last two regular-season games on the road, as they travel to Green Bay and Washington.

Okay, that's all for now. But we've got plenty more to talk about today, so keep it locked here throughout the afternoon!

I'll be back after each quarter with updates.

We're about 15 minutes from football on FOX!

-Quick observation from the crowd — it seems like there's a decent smattering of Eagles fans. Are the stands as green as they are during a Jets game? No, but there certainly is a Philly contingent that made the trip north today.


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