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Giants-49ers: The Bottom Five

The Giants are one game away from going to the Super Bowl, which was almost impossible to imagine a little over a month ago when Rex Grossman had his way with them at MetLife Stadium. Obviously there are plenty of things to consider when breaking down this game, from the mud (Candlestick Park) to the blood (Chris Canty) to the guts (Eli Manning’s stomach bug that may or may not be spreading to an unsuspecting player right now).

We’re written reams and reams of stories this week about what it will take to beat the 49ers, as have many outlets in both print and online. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here, be go all the way down to the base of the iceberg. Each week we present the list of the Bottom Five Things to Look For, and of course in an NFC Championship Game there is plenty to uncover.

So without delay (unlike many flights to San Francisco today thanks to the Storm of the Century!!!) here are your Bottom Five Things to Look For:

5. To counter the Giants’ use of Rich Seubert as the honorary captain for the game, the 49ers bring Chike Okeafor out for the coin toss. As the coin is in the air, Okeafor tackles Seubert before he can make the call. No penalty flag is thrown.

4. Another honorary captain at the game is Y.A. Tittle, but no one is quite sure which team he represents.

3. Candlestick Park is such a quagmire that at halftime the NFL announces that it will move the rest of the game to Santa Clara.

2. Brandon Jacobs is suspended by the league for gambling after an investigation into his comments about Jerry Rice where he said: “I bet you he won’t tackle me.” “The league takes betting very seriously,” spokesman Greg Aiello says in a statement.

1. Tom Coughlin opens his post-game press conference with a public apology to my sister.

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