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Giants arrive home, season boils down to three hours

Who would have thought that a road trip in which the team was diverted to a different city, had the roof on the stadium where they were supposed to play collapse, and then had their game moved to a different day in yet a third different city, would be the SECOND most difficult journey of the season.

And yet this weekend’s foray to Green Bay certainly tops the last one. Primarily because the Giants lost their game, but also because they were stranded with essentially nothing to do (for the players at least) for almost two full days in the middle of Wisconsin.

Well, the Giants are home now. They landed at Newark this morning at around 11 a.m., roughly seven hours after I myself pulled into my driveway here on Long Island following a nearly 900-mile drive from Milwaukee to LaGuardia.

The Giants now must try to get back on schedule for their final game of the season, a third straight “must win” after proving that the previous two really weren’t. This is a must-win plus, of course, because now the only way for the Giants to get into the playoffs is to beat the Redskins on Sunday and have the Bears beat the Packers (who looked pretty good on Sunday). Both games are at 4 o’clock – actually 4:15 p.m. – on Sunday, so the season for the Giants comes down to about three hours on Sunday afternoon both on the field at FedEx and watching the scoreboard updates from Lambeau.

At least we know two things about that trip to Washington, though: There’s no roof to collapse, and the Giants’ flight won’t be delayed.

They travel by train when they play the Redskins.

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